Baldwin County Planning Board Dismisses Spanish Fort Apartment Complex Project | Baldwin County Alabama News

A plan to build a new apartment complex near Spanish Fort High School was halted Thursday evening.

Baldwin County Public Schools said they had received little or no notice of the proposal and strongly opposed it.

Several people came forward at the meeting and raised concerns about traffic with this apartment complex and the proximity to the high school.

Baldwin County School System Financial Director John Wilson said they found out hours in advance.

“Nothing is worse than being surprised 24 hours ago about a huge 250 unit apartment complex literally right next to the school,” Wilson said.

The complex was to pass behind Spanish Fort High School on Stagecoach Road.

Wilson was grateful that the planning commission took their concerns seriously.

“I appreciate that the planning board is listening to us,” Wilson said. “We have serious concerns, particularly in the Spanish Fort area, in particular, regarding apartments and multi-family development. And we are spending a lot of money trying to increase capacity, but we can only move forward so quickly. “

Wilson says the system is doing everything it can to keep up with all the growth.

“We’ve spent over $ 70 million at Spanish Fort to build new schools, expand existing schools, and we’re still not able to keep our heads above water,” Wilson explained. “So we need to make coordinated efforts to properly manage growth. “

School officials say they would like to collaborate in the future on plans like this with just a little more notice and more communication.

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