Angelina County Court Approves County Airport Gambling Fence Project


LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – Angelina County Airport Manager Gary Letney was delighted to hear that Angelina County Court on Tuesday approved its proposed game-proof fence. $ 1.1 million. The project is funded by the federal government’s Airport Improvement Plan.

“We have a huge amount of deer. We don’t see them as much in the summer as in the winter, but when winter comes they start camping around the airport and you know they’ll be crossing the runways a lot, ”Letney said.

Letney said pilots are concerned that a deer will escape in front of them when they attempt to land, which can damage the plane. He said that at night the crossing animals are difficult to see. This could create a safety hazard if the animal is caught under the wing. Commissioner Kermit Kennedy said that because of this, the county’s approval was a given.

“We are concerned about the wildlife that crosses the airport’s taxiways and the danger to planes taking off and landing, so this project when completed should address that issue,” Kennedy said.

Letney said construction will begin on October 11.

“In the past there has been a couple that were killed, but we haven’t had a deer incident for a long time, but they are getting closer, so it’s time to do something. More foxes and raccoons, ”Letney said.

Due to the backlog of some fencing materials due to COVID-19, Letney says he expects the project to be completed by mid-March.

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